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Going live with Abridge!

Sometimes, you just have to take that one step...

I've been working on this thing for a while, and it's getting to the point where it's hopefully useful to others.

Abridge is a SaaS that visually summarizes your cloud environment & infrastructure. It aggregates information about AWS deployments across multiple accounts and regions into a single visualization / inventory / search interface.

I've done a pretty terrible job of following bootstrapper advice on this one (build an MVP, talk to customers constantly, get out of your head, spend more time on sales/marketing than engineering... oh man), but it's been a mostly-fun project & I've got a reasonable amount of use out of it along the way.

The backend is Python on AWS Lambda, with DynamoDB for storage. The serverless side of AWS is nice to work with (love not operating/patching instances!), and Terraform makes that more manageable. I was losing motivation on the frontend work, but Svelte helped bring it home.

Security is of course a concern, which I cover at Two main pieces are 1) collect data from AWS accounts via read-only cross-role access (AWS-managed SecurityAudit policy) and 2) throw all that data away every 48 hours (S3 object expiration).

Interested to see where this leads!

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