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Living the Mitsubishi JB500 dream

(Small camper, big dream.)

We're an "outdoorsy" family (for some definition of outdoorsy), and over the years have considered picking up campervans of different types. Stars finally aligned in July 2021 and we were able to aquire a fresh-from-Japan 1993 Mitsubishi JB500. It's German-made fiberglass camper shell on top of a Mitsubishi Delica Truck chassis. It's old, but it seems reliable, was a lot cheaper than a kitted-out Sprinter, has 4WD, and is unique / lovable!

Check it out over at

I'll likely update this page from time to time as we learn more and complete various projects...


The camper arrived with 2 original manuals, which - combined with Google Lens - were helpful in figuring out how some of the systems work.

I've scanned and uploaded them, in case useful for other JB500 owners:

JB500 manual PDF (Japanese)

JB500 manual pages translated with Google Lens

Mitsubishi Delica Truck manual (Japanese)

Mitsubishi Delica Truck manual pages translated with Google Lens

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